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Tom Kha (Coconut Soup)

Tom Kha (Coconut Soup) can often be found at Thai restaurants, and it’s delicious. The below recipe takes several that I found online into account, and puts a bit of my own spin on it. Note that all of the vegetable ingredients are optional, so you can really customize this as you see fit.

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I never liked guacamole growing up, but it turns out it’s one of those things that I just had to taste it made well (as opposed to bland, store-bought versions). Now that I know how to make my own delicious guac, I use it for a variety of dishes. It’s useful for far more than just chip-dipping! Continue reading

Sarma (Bosnian Stuffed Cabbage)

My husband grew up eating this as a kid. He said my version is as good as, or even better, than what his parents made. He may just be buttering my bread, but it came out tasty nonetheless. Some of the ingredients can be hard to find if you don’t have a deli or store nearby that carries foreign ingredients. But, it’s also fairly easy to fake most of them. Continue reading

A Note About My Recipes

Rarely do I measure out ingredients while I’m cooking. There are some exceptions, but mostly I don’t find it necessary. After all, I’m the one who has to eat it, so it’s important only that I like it. (Well, it’s super helpful if my husband likes it too.) So you can generally consider all of the amounts of ingredients in my recipes as “to taste”. Feel free to modify, add, or omit anything as you so desire. Continue reading