About Sapphire

Element: Air
House: Hufflepuff
Alignment: True Neutral
Profile: Gamer (customizer, explorer)

Hobbies: gaming, Creativity/creating

Likes: bacon, goat cheese, veggies, spicy food, naps, day-sleeping

Dislikes: squishy or slimy food, bright lights, loud noises

Kya White Sapphire was created in 1994, and has been representing Kelly online since 1995. She's been through many transformations since then. What started as a raptor-headed gargoyle has become the sail-winged, feathered, raptor-ish creature you see here. She can shape-shift into other forms by using the Amulet of Limited Polymorph, and has a few other minor magical items to augment her abilities.

Image by Sezaii, click for larger view

All images in this section are by DidTheSqd.
(Forms not shown to scale with each other)

Raptor-ish / "True" form
Advantages: Fast, strong, deadly, Able to glide, super comfortable
Size: 5' at the head, 15' long, 10' wingspan
(Able to assume other forms by using
The Amulet of Limited Polymorph)

Humanoid Form
Advantages: adaptable to human-shaped environments, good climber
Disadvantage: Must wear amulet of limited polymorph to assume this form
Size: Roughly 5'6"

Naga Form
Advantages: Four arms/hands for complex work, Strong & flexible tail can coil & grip
Disadvantage: Must wear amulet of limited polymorph to assume this form
Size: 20' long

Pixie form
Advantages: Capable of flight, fits in small spaces
Disadvantages: "snack sized" to many
creaturES, can't carry much weight, Must wear amulet of limited polymorph to assume this form
Size: About 1.5' tall, 1.5' wingspan

Mermaid Form
Advantages: Breathes underwater, fast swimmer
Disadvantage: Must wear amulet of limited polymorph to assume this form
Size: 15' long

Centaur Form
Advantage: Can carry heavy loads
Disadvantages: Not very fast,
Must wear amulet of limited
polymorph to assume this form
Size: 20' long, 7' tall, 3.5' at back

What's this? 
A wild Buu appears!
He uses "Woo Sapphire".
It's super effective!
Sapphire marries the Buu!
(Click here for gallery & reference.)

Sapphire's Magic Items

Circlet of Clarity
a.k.a. "Lucid Thought"
Location: Head
This diadem is worn flat against Sapphire's forehead, with the ends fitting around the bones above her eyes. It Protects Sapphire from mind-affecting spells & effects, such as fear, dominate, geas, etc. It Also allows Sapphire to see through illusions, and see invisible creatures and objects.

Amulet of Limited Polymorph
A.K.A. "Liquid Form"
Location: Neck
This talisman is worn around Sapphire's neck. It Allows her to assume a limited number of other forms, Each of which resembles her true/Raptor-ish form.

Ring of Scrying
A.K.A. "Lasting Sight"
Location: right hand, 4th digit
The gemstone in this ring becomes a remote viewing device when removed from its setting. Sapphire will be consciously aware of all sights and sounds around the location of the gem as if she were there. She can instead focus on her actual surroundings, in which case the input from the gemstone will continue to "play" in the back of her mind, much like having a TV on in the room. She can then focus her attention back to the gemstone, but her awareness of her own surroundings will be diminished. With a command-word, the gemstone will vanish from its location and reappear in its setting in the ring. This ring also prevents remote scrying on Sapphire or her location. Anyone attempting to scry on Sapphire will receive only blurred visions and muffled sounds. A very powerful mage may be able to discern the general location, but regardless, Sapphire herself will be invisible and inaudible via any scrying spell.

Shield Cuff & Rings
A.K.A. "Lustrous Skin"
Location: Cuff towards end of tail, one ring on each medial toe
This cuff generates a magical shield that runs up Sapphire's tail, and connects to her other magical items (Lucid Thought, Liquid Form, Lasting Sight), and her engagement and wedding rings, as well as the two rings on her toes. This barrier creates a form-fitting shield one inch above her skin. It is invisible until impacted by magical or mundane attacks. All energy (magical, kinetic, or otherwise) is absorbed by the shield, completely negating any attacks on Sapphire. Such absorption releases a beautiful, shimmering light in the area of impact. The shield is not "solid" and so cannot be felt by Sapphire or anyone wishing to touch her.

Pouch of Holding
A.K.A. "Lordly Pocket"
Location: Upper arm (usually left)
This pouch lies flat against Sapphire's arm, but the mouth opens far wider than would be expected. The pouch will hold any number of items, as long as they are small enough to fit through the mouth of the pouch. Whatever item Sapphire desires is immediately available at the "top" of the pouch. Because all items are stored in an extra-dimensional space, they are protected from any and all conditions in the "real" world, as long as they remain in the pouch. There is limited air within the space, so any living creatures placed in the pouch will quickly suffocate.