About Kelly

Kelly, Wedding Day (21MAY15)

Kelly, Wedding Day (21MAY15)

First Seen: 27JAN80
@2013 (GMT-5)

Point of Origin: Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Earth, Sol system, Milky Way

Alignment: True Neutral

House: HUfflepuff

Diet: Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, No MSG, Omnivorous, anything with Bacon and/or jalapenos

Likes: Science, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Gaming, Pirate Costumes, Lightning and Thunderstorms, Dromaeosaurids, Octopodes, Dr. Doom, Staying up until 6am, Day-Sleeping

Dislikes: Country music & Jazz, Romantic Comedies, Illithids, Undead, Reality TV, Bad Grammar & Incorrect Homophone Usage, Weak Handshakes, Nascar, Golf, Horror Movies

Favorite Books: Raptor Red, Jurassic Park, The Dragonrealm series, The Quintaglio Ascension trilogy, The Hunger Games trilogy, The Ender Saga, His Dark Materials, The Foundation Series

Favorite Movies: The Jurassic Park series, the Hunger Games series, The Gamers series

Favorite Shows: Journey-Quest, The Guild, Star Trek: TNG, Disney's Gargoyles, Batman: The Animated Series, Iron Chef America, Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs, The Duchess of Duke Street

Favorite Games: City of Heroes, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Secret of Mana

Music preferences: Electronic Dance Music, Dance-pop, Bing Crosby, new-age, Celtic folk, classical

Favorite Software: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape

Favorite Fonts: Lint McCree, Freehand 591, Tekton Pro

Profession: Administrative Assistant

Politics: Socially permissive & fiscally conservative