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2019 Theme & Goals

Several years ago I realized that “resolutions” made at the New Year were no good, and instead I should set goals. I still didn’t always (or maybe ever) reach all of my goals, but I still feel that Goals are an improvement over Resolutions. However, CGP Grey and iMyke (of YouTube and Podcasting fame) have instead been using “Themes” for the past few years. This works out really well, because a lot of things can fall under a theme. As long as you make progress against that theme, it doesn’t matter as much which “goal” is reached, or not. So with that in mind, 2019 is going to be my Year of Healthy.

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2018 Year In Review

What were your goals in 2018? How did you do against them?

My goals were to budget and track my time, and budget my discretionary spending. I tracked my time through June, but then stopped. I realized that my goal wasn’t really to budget and track time – rather, the goal was to prioritize certain activities over others. I realized I could do that without forcing myself to literally budget and track my time. I also realized that trying to reach a certain number of hours per week in several creative activities wasn’t very realistic. In fact I found other methods to be more helpful in reaching my actual goals.

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Politics & a CapLibSoc

Politics are complicated. It would be nice to have a label that easily conveys my viewpoints, but so far all of the labels I’ve seen fail to encompass the full breadth of my beliefs. I’m not a republican, or a democrat, or totally conservative, or totally liberal. So I’m borrowing from a couple different terms and making my own.. Apparently I’m a CapLibSoc? (Capitalist Libertarian Socialist) Continue reading

A New Class for Warcraft

Out of 36 available specs in World of Warcraft, there are 6 healers, 6 tanks, and 24 DPS. Released in November 2008, the Death Knight has a tank spec and two DPS specs. The Monk came in September 2012, with one of each spec. The Demon Hunter was released in August 2016 with a tank and a DPS spec, making it the first class to only have two specs. (Druids have four, that’s why the total number of specs is still divisible by three.) Will we see another class by the end of 2020? Continue reading

MMORPG Terms for the Uninitiated

Certain terms are common across the MMORPG genre, regardless of developer or decade of release. They’re so pervasive that I often forget people who don’t play MMOs aren’t familiar with them, even if they do play other types of games. So here are several terms and concepts that are deeply ingrained on my psyche, and that of other MMORPGamers. (What, I can’t do that? I’m doing it. I did it. MMORPGamers. It’s a thing now.) Continue reading

Smartphones in 2018

I carry two phones; one is mine, and one belongs to my employer. I could’ve transferred ownership of my phone number to my company when I started, but I don’t want to mix business with pleasure. As cool as our internal IT guys are, I don’t trust anyone but my husband with all my personal data. And I’m perfectly fine with carrying two phones. Continue reading

The Art, vs The Artist

There have been several columns published by people who are shocked or disappointed to learn of Orson Scott Card’s homophobic and hateful rhetoric, and his activism attempting to deny human rights to the LGBTQ+ community. Some people have come to the conclusion that they cannot in good conscience support such a person, and have therefore decided to boycott his books and anything based on them. It appears that OSC didn’t profit directly/monetarily from the Ender’s Game movie, but it did still promote his books, and I see why some people are uncomfortable spending money on the stuff this guy has produced. I’m not sure it actually has any effect on his bottom line, and I doubt any sort of boycott will change his stance on gay rights, but I definitely support a person’s decision to buy (or not) anything based on their comfort level. Continue reading

2017 Year In Review

Ah, 2017. A year of calling our representatives, frantically trying to protect the things important to us. The year of the Great Solar Eclipse (in the U.S.A.). The year of Harvey and Irma and other enormous storms wreaking havoc across the hemisphere. The year of the Equifax breach and the Patreon fiasco. A year where dozens upon dozens of high-profile men have been accused of heinous acts. But despite all of that, 2017 was also a year of less poverty, less world hunger, less child mortality, better education, lower crime, and other advances, because even as bad as it seems sometimes, we are getting better in a lot of ways. Continue reading

Remove Sidebar From Blogs

Do you want to remove the sidebar from your blog posts and blog category pages? Not only that, but you then want said posts & category pages to expand to fill the full available width? Have you spent hours stumbling over one wrong answer after another? Have no fear. I finally figured out how to do this, and I want to share it with the world.* Continue reading