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Wiggle Butt in the Dig Box

We built a dig-box for the girls, and they both love it! Opal keeps doing this backwards circle thing, and I can’t help but laugh. They way her butt wiggles is so funny! My adorable little floof. <3

How to build a dig box:

  1. Find large plastic container.
  2. Find a cardboard box that, when folded, is roughly the same dimensions as your plastic container.
  3. Unfold the box’s flaps straight up & down (in-line with body of box). This will give you a really tall box that’s open at the top and bottom.
  4. Jam one open end of the box into the plastic container. You may have to overlap flaps to get it to fit, especially if the plastic container is wider at the top than at the bottom. Fold and squish the flaps so they conform to the inside of the plastic container.
  5. Tape the top flaps to each other and the bottom flaps to each other. Make sure to get inside and outside. You can pull the box out of the container if you’ve properly squished your flaps, you should be able to tell where to tape them.
  6. Insert box back into plastic container. Should be a snug fit.
  7. Cut an entry/exit flap in box above rim of plastic container. Make two vertical incisions, each about 4 inches tall, and 4 inches apart from each other. Cut horizontally across the bottom of this flap. The horizontal cut should be right above the rim of the plastic container.
  8. Push the flap of cardboard in both directions through the hole several times, folding it all the way up and creasing it both ways. Trim a little off each edge of the flap, so it moves really easily through the opening. Don’t cut too much though, you still want it to help keep rice in the box.
  9. Add dry rice to container until filled to about 2 inches below where the lip of the plastic container. You have to eyeball it, since the cardboard box will block the view between the rice and the edge of the plastic. Be careful to keep the rice WELL BELOW the top level of the plastic, so if the cardboard gets pulled out, the rice won’t scatter everywhere.
  10. Include additional small box outside & in front so ferret can use as step-stool to get through flap, if necessary.

What’s Up with Opal?

This has been going on for so long that I wanted to organize the history and my thoughts here.

We bought the girls in May, and other than a couple of (common) parasite problems (which we quickly cleared up) and vaccinations, the first couple of months were fairly routine. Opal did have an allergic reaction (projectile vomiting, diarhea) about 12-15 hours after her third (and final) distemper vaccine, but this is also considered common, and we can treat her with benadryl or claritin before her next round of vaccines, so it’s fine. Continue reading

Weasel War Dance

Here are a couple of Twitter Videos showing Onyx doing the Weasel War Dance. She gets so excited, she just doesn’t even know what direction she wants to jump!


Video: Opal is Sick

Our poor Sourdough loaf is congested & coughing today. She always seems to get sick on a Friday, when the vet has limited availability. They’re also closed on weekends. And now Hurricane Irma is approaching; it’s already rumbling outside and we should see the storm itself by tomorrow. But I’m not sure there’s much the vet could do anyway, unless it’s a bacterial infection. So we’ll wait until the storm passes, and if Opal is still sniffly by then, we’ll make an appointment. In the meantime, we’ll make sure she gets plenty of Ferretone, fluids, and rest.

Video: Opal Training Session

I spend a few minutes every day working with opal on various tricks. She gets boiled chicken as her reward for each success. She’s got a ways to go, but she’s a good learner.

Apologies for the video freezing part way through, my phone’s been doing that lately.

Ferret Food

Given that ferrets have become somewhat popular as pets, the amount of food and treats in stores that have ferrets on the front of the bag (or box) has grown as well. However, not all of these consumables are actually appropriate for ferrets. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff gets sold as “ferret food” or “ferret treats” that are totally inappropriate for our tubular cat-snakes, and can even cause major health problems! In this post, I will cover what to look for when buying kibble, treats, and other prepackaged foods for ferrets, and how to make your own healthy treats at home.

Continue reading

UPDATED Ferret First Aid Kit

I finally received the last items for the Ferret First Aid kit, so I wanted to take some new photos and show everyone what we’ve got. I also split the kit into two bags: one for medical-related items, and the other for food-related items. I’m extremely glad we put these kits together and brought them with us when we travelled recently, because some of the items came in very handy!

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