Magic The Gathering

I played Magic from Mirage/Portal until about Urza’s Saga. (That’s roughly 1997-1998, for those of you who don’t play the game.) Then I stopped playing, and eventually gave most of my cards to my cousin. We all have our “I used to have a bunch of cards, and then I lost them” stories. I did keep my entire set of Weatherlight (my favorite set), and all of my decks (all of which sucked). But I do still have a lot of 4th & 5th edition cards, Mirage, Ice Age, etc. I started playing again in 2013 (Return to Ravnica). My favorite format is EDH, and my favorite color is Green.

Choose a deck:

Fae & Fatties (EDH)

Pyro (Pauper, Modern, Legacy)

MilliLiter (Tiny Leader)

Merfolk (Tiny Leader)