City of Heroes

City of Heroes was an enormous part of my life for eight and a half years, and my favorite pass-time ever. I played literally from the week that it launched for public play, until the game was shut down in 2012. I was devastated by the game’s sunset, and felt like I was being forcibly ripped away from my home and family. Though the servers fell silent, I maintain this page as a monument to my love of and dedication to the game.

The following were all the characters who had reached Level 50 before the servers shut down:

I’ve never put much stock in holidays, but one event that I was always sure to celebrate was Double XP Weekends. I would do everything in my power to ensure I had the appropriate days off work, so I could spend 3-4 days in-game, 18 hours at a time. At some point I realized that I could create a calendar to map out when past Double XP Weekends had occurred, in the hopes that maybe I could gauge when another one might be around the corner. This project quickly ballooned out of proportion. I thought “Well, if I’m going to track 2xXP weekends, I can track EVERYTHING, right?” And thus, the City of Heroes Historic Calendar was born, an enormous excel spreadsheet that documented every in-game event, from traditional holiday events, to content releases, and changes within the company that produced the game. A PDF of this file is below; you’ll need to zoom-in to read the info.

I really enjoyed playing the endgame “Incarnate Content”, and the epic teamwork it generally required. I collected the following guides for the Incarnate Trials, some created by the development team, others made by players, and I even helped create a couple of the guides.

My favorite City of Heroes Videos

City of Heroes Remains
Holding Out for a Hero
That Time is Now
Bring Me to Life
An Arresting Passion
Boom de Yada
Repeat Offenders
Kronos Titan
Justice Avengers

Ultimately, no other game has been able to fill the hole left by City of Heroes. It was a unique game with an amazing, inclusive community that simultaneously nurtured our creative spirit and fostered a sense of belonging.

/em HoldTorch, Atlas Park 33