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Intruder Part 2

“Now I just hope this Crown of Kings is actually here. We’ve gone through a lot of trouble if it isn’t.” Holly jumped down to the chair near the desk, and then onto the floor. Her body itched as she grew, stood upright, and assumed her natural shape: a Water-kin. Well, half Water-kin. Continue reading


“At least the view is spectacular.” The voice in Holly’s head was warm, but did nothing to mitigate the chill in the air.

“I guess so,” Holly said aloud, though she kept her voice low. She was surely far enough away from her target that she wouldn’t be overheard, but her voice seemed to carry in the dark, and it made her nervous. “I miss the rain.”

“I thought you hated The Academy.”

“I did. But I don’t hate the rain.”

“Well, you are half Water-kin.” Continue reading