6/28/15 : Character Sheets & Feat Trees uploaded to Neverwinter page for those characters that Kelly is pretty sure she knows what she's doing. No data uploaded for characters where Kelly is randomly picking feats until she figures out what she's doing with them.

6/10/15 : Additional wedding photos uploaded.

6/3/15 : Wedding photos added to Galleries > Wedding. Photos, video, & other info added to About > Wedding.

5/27/15 : Nail Polish gallery has been propagated under the Galleries index, in addition to its position in the About Me index. Several more images have had their supplemental information added. Reduced background image opacity for easier reading. Prep for Wedding gallery. Swapped photo on About > Kelly to a more recent photo.

5/11/15 : Neverwinter page is up and running in the games section. I still need to capture and upload power and feat selections for all characters except Sapphire.. but most of them need to be respecced now that the level cap has increased and the feat trees are all different. Respeccing several toons who are unlikely to see much game play is fairly low on my list of priorities. Higher on that list is adding walk-through information to the NW page, and also embed AMVs in both the NW and CoH pages.

4/23/15 : Site nearing ready for Square Space reveal. Pages complete: Games Index, MTG, COH, Galleries Index, Food, Comic Con 2014, Fanboy 2014, About Index. Mostly done but could use some tweaks: Sapphire, Kelly. Okay to release but needs more info: Nail Polish. Pages not started: NW, GF PDF