Raptor Plushie Productions

While Kelly isn't the most skilled creator of AMVs (Animated Music Videos), she enjoys making them none the less. The videos below are in reverse chronological order, with newer videos at the top.

Neverwinter, April 2013: Fighting Garrundar the Vile in Neverwinter Beta Weekend 4!

City of Heroes, August 2009: The Candy Monsters Experiment: Can 8 players get from level 1 to level 50 in one Double XP Weekend?

City of Heroes, March 2006: The day/night jump sequence took more time to create than the entire rest of the video combined. MovieMaker couldn't preview swapping between clips so quickly, so the video had to be rendered in full, the timing tweaked, re-render, re-tweak, etc. until the clips lined up with the music.

City of Heroes, 2004: The Crescent Claws kick butts and throw dance parties!

Gargoyles, October 2003: The end credits are the best part of this video.

Kelly's Favorite City of Heroes AMVs