Sapphire's Magic: The Gathering Decks

Years active: 1997-1998, 2013-Present
Favorite Set: Weatherlight (story), Theros block (cards & mechanics)
Favorite Color: Green

Nature's Divinity
(a.k.a. Fae & Fatties)

Format: Commander (EDH)
Colors: Green
Library: 100
Sideboard: None
Deck list updated 10APR17

Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury

Creatures: 49
Non-Creatures: 14
Lands: 36

artist: Kristen Plescow
Photoshop Edits: Sapphire

Theme: Do ludicrous things with an over-abundance of mana, via devotion and tribal effects. Let people underestimate this deck because it's not flashy or immediately threatening, build up a board state so large it barely fits on the play-mat, then O.T.K. the opponent. Oh, and destroy artifacts and enchantments, and refuel hand, with more consistency than any other deck, because HA-HA, my commander is a planeswalker with really useful abilities.

(I know, EDH doesn't have a sideboard)

12/30/15, vs. home-made Zombie Hoard challenge deck || 87 damage in one turn

9/17/16, 5-player free-for-all || My elves get +64/+64 & Trample until end of turn

10/30/16, 2-Headed Giant || Ascension & Ezuri +30 mana, my elves get +23/+23 & Trample, everything else gets +5/+5

11/12/16, 3-player free for all || Apparently I use the Ezuri/Beastmaster Ascension combo a lot.


Format: Tiny Leaders
Colors: Blue, Black
Library: 50
Sideboard: 10
Deck list updated 4/21/15

Sygg, River Cutthroat

Creatures: 10
Non-Creatures: 23
Lands: 16

Theme: mill out the opponent as fast as possible. Sygg, River Cuthroat is almost never used in the game, since there's a general lack of attacking creatures. While there are three-color leaders that would synergize well, diluting the mana base just to cast the leader would significantly slow down the deck.


(A.K.A. There's no kill
like overkill)

Format: Pauper
Colors: Red
Library: 60
Sideboard: 15
Deck list updated 4/28/16

Creatures: 4
Non-Creatures: 38
Lands: 18

Theme: Kill it! Kill it with fire! Kill it 'til it dies from it!