I’ve always enjoyed video games set in the world of D&D, from Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale, to Neverwinter Nights (and all their various sequels). When City of Heroes shut down in November of 2012, I didn’t know where my new gaming home would be. But as luck would have it, the new Neverwinter MMO was soon to be released! I started playing in March of 2013, during the 2nd Beta Weekend. While I’m not able to invest much time into Neverwinter anymore, it still has several features that I really enjoy. The action-combat system is really dynamic and ensures I stay engrossed in the game, whenever I do play. My favorite classes are Wizard and Cleric.

Sapphire – Control Wizard

Erriphas – Devoted Cleric

Ruby – Devoted Cleric

Jade – Hunter Ranger

Opal – Scourge Warlock

Other Characters

Artwork by Liz Chesterman