Tiny Leaders


Format: Tiny Leaders

Colors: Blue & Black
Library: 50
Sideboard: 10

Leader: Sygg, River Cutthroat

Creatures: 10
Non-Creatures: 23
Lands: 16

Deck List Updated April 2015

Theme: It’s a mill deck! Sygg is rarely cast, due to a lack of attacking creatures. While there are 3-color leaders that synergize with this deck, I don’t want to dilute the mana-base just to cast the leader. I’m keeping a lookout for a legendary blue/black creature that synergizes better.

Main Deck:


Thassa’s Unblockable Army

Format: Tiny Leaders

Color: Blue
Library: 50
Sideboard: 0

Leader: Thassa, God of the Sea

Creatures: 18
Non-Creatures: 14
Lands: 17

Theme: Merfolk gettin’ in there!