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I occasionally livestream whatever video game I’m playing at the time. Right now it’s World of Warcraft. My husband and I quest and do dungeons, and we have characters on both Alliance and Horde.

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I may be on during these times (US Eastern):
Mon-Fri: 8pm to 3am
Sat & Sun: 3pm to 4am

I’ve played video games since the days of NES, and the first system I ever owned myself was an SNES. Which I still have, and is still in mint condition. I play all sorts of games, from Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, to Dance Dance Revolution, to all manner of RPGs, and several mobile games. I’m mostly a PC gamer, though I break out the consoles every once in a while. I mostly avoid First Person Shooters, though I recently got to try a few FPS in VR, and it was extremely enjoyable. I also enjoy Hex: Shard of Fate.

As far as MMOs go, I played City of Heroes from its live launch in April of 2004 until its sunset in November of 2012. It’s still the gold standard MMO to which I compare all others, and all others fall short. Aside from City, I’ve also played my fair share of Neverwinter. I briefly played World of Warcraft when it first launched, but hated it after 20 minutes and went back to City. I started playing WoW seriously in May 2018.