I started painting my nails in late 2013, though I didn’t get serious about taking photos of my work until 2014. I’ve definitely gotten better in some areas, but there’s always room for more improvement! While I really enjoy coming up with new and creative looks, I also sometimes have to remind myself that it’s okay to just paint my nails “a color” every once in awhile.

I could never get my nails to grow much past the nail bed until my early 30s. I’m not sure what changed, but eventually I was able to get my nails to what I consider a pretty nice length. However, they were still very thin, and broke easily. Even when they didn’t break, the normal flexing they experienced over the course of a day would easily chip and crack my nail polish. This was especially frustrating because it can often take me several hours to complete my more complex nail designs! I eventually got fed up with my hard work being ruined after only a couple of days, so I started going to a nail salon and getting “Builder Gel” put on my nails. This is not a gel polish, but rather, a clear substance with a consistency like honey, that is put on the nail, cured with UV light, and then finely shaped with dremel and files. I go every 2-3 weeks to get the gel refilled, and then come home to do my own nail designs. The gel provides a hard, thick surface on top of my real nails, prevents them from flexing, and ensures my designs will last the entire 2-3 weeks if I so desire! Acetone has no effect on the builder gel itself, so I can remove my design and paint a new one as often as I wish.

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