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Diet & Dieting

I weighed 150lbs when this photo was taken. I barely even recognize myself here.

When I look at photos that my husband took of me at the Ren Fest this year, I am ashamed. I’d put on so much weight, I could hardly recognize myself anymore. I don’t really see it in the mirror, but in those photos, it’s all too obvious. We were both wearing too much weight, which can cause huge health issues down the road. Continue reading


Nails painted to match “Shades of Blue” Fintie case for Kindle Paperwhite

At the start of 2017, I made a promise to myself to read more. And it started out well enough; my mom gave me a whole series of regency-era romance novels that she’d picked up at a used bookstore, all six of which I devoured in the span of about six weeks. And then I picked up my paperback copy of 1984, having decided to reread it in light of the current political climate. And there, I stalled. The book sat on my desk, staring at me from beside my monitor. I picked it up a few times in the intervening months, but only managed to get about halfway though. It’s a depressing book, and not much fun to read. Continue reading