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While some people allow their ferrets to free-roam in their house, this isn’t something I’m at all comfortable doing. The amount of dust to be found under the furniture is enough to aggravate their highly sensitive respiratory tract, and there are cables and other sensitive items that are dangerous if chewed upon. Even if we invested enormous time and effort into “ferret proofing” the house, there’s really no such thing as ferret proof. Plus, the girls aren’t fully litter trained yet, and I don’t savor the idea of finding poop and pee all over the house. (Or, not finding it, until the smell reeks from several feet away.) Continue reading

Litter Training

One of the things many current and prior ferret owners will tell you is that it’s possible to litter-train ferrets. I’m not sure this is entirely accurate. We’ve had our ferrets for almost two weeks now, and it seems more like you just keep rearranging items in the cage, and modifying the litter box, until the ferrets’ preferred location to poop just happens to be in the litter box.

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Introducing Onyx & Opal

I’ve been considering getting ferrets as pets for quite a while now. My husband (and his sisters and parents) had ferrets a number of years ago, so he was already familiar with them. I did my research, but I knew there was one thing I’d need to find out in person: what do they smell like?  Continue reading