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Several years ago I realized that “resolutions” made at the New Year were no good, and instead I should set goals. I still didn’t always (or maybe ever) reach all of my goals, but I still feel that Goals are an improvement over Resolutions. However, CGP Grey and iMyke (of YouTube and Podcasting fame) have instead been using “Themes” for the past few years. This works out really well, because a lot of things can fall under a theme. As long as you make progress against that theme, it doesn’t matter as much which “goal” is reached, or not. So with that in mind, 2019 is going to be my Year of Healthy.


Digestive health is SO IMPORTANT! We haven’t been eating as much roughage lately, because there have been so many recalls on romaine lettuce that we barely ate salads at all last year. I tried using Metamucil fiber powder, but drinking it was kinda grossing me out. I also tried their pills, but you have to take 8 of them a day, and that was just getting obnoxious. So I thought maybe I could eat some prunes! Prunes are excellent for digestive health! But even though they are tasty, I didn’t stick with it. So this year, my goal is to eat 3-5 prunes every day.


I brush my teeth every night before bed, but I don’t always floss. I’ll floss every night for a month, then fall off the bandwagon and go back to doing it only once or twice a week. I need to do this every night. My goal this year is to floss every night, no exceptions.


I did ride my bike a bit last year, and fiddled around with a bit of exercise from time to time, but I wasn’t very good about it. I’m not even concerned about losing weight (necessarily), I just want to be healthy. Science currently suggests 20 minutes of exercise 3-5 times per week, and yet I haven’t even done that. After our treadmill broke, we got a rowing machine. It says to start out with only five minutes per day, and I didn’t even do THAT! So this year I am going to get on that rower for at least five minutes per day. No excuses. Five minutes is NOT that long to invest in my health.


My natural rhythm wants me to go to bed around sunrise, and sleep in the morning and afternoon. This is obviously very difficult in our society. I want to find a way to balance my body’s natural rhythm and the needs of interacting with the rest of the world during “normal” hours. I want to find a sleep schedule that works for me, and that I can maintain every day. I don’t yet know what this will look like.


I need to consume less sugar in all its forms. I don’t usually eat much candy, but my husband and mother keep buying chocolates and other confections for holidays, or as a treat. I’m not even really that in to chocolate or candies. So for starters, I need to ask them to stop buying those for me. I also don’t usually drink many calories, but I did buy a couple of cases of flavored water (both with sugar and without) late last year. This year I’m not going to buy or drink any sugary beverages. They’re not something I indulge in regularly anyway, so they won’t be hard to give up. I feel like I don’t eat a whole lot of processed carbs otherwise. We sometimes have gluten free pasta or bread, but not super often. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to cut back on those even more. I have no plans to go back on an actual low carb diet this year, and I’m not going to count carbs or calories. I just want to be more aware of what I’m eating, and make sure people aren’t feeding me sugars I didn’t even ask for.


I’ve already been doing much better with this than in previous years. A couple of years ago, it was very common for me to binge-drink several nights per week. I didn’t do a lot of that in 2018, but I did some. Once I get drinking, it’s hard for me to remember to stop drinking. So I tend to overdo it. So my goal for 2019 is to drink no more than one glass of alcoholic beverage on any given day, and no more than a couple times per week (if that). Our current drink of choice is a homemade version of Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria, which between the wine, liquors, and juice, has a decent amount of sugar in it. So I need to be doubly careful about consuming it.


  • Finish the Wheel of Time series
  • Read or listen to at least 20 books total
  • Read or listen to at least 2 authors that aren’t white and male
  • Put at least as much into savings as we allocate ourselves for monthly allowance, not including Tax Return (all of which is going into savings)
  • Write SOMETHING for at least one hour per week, whether it’s an article, blog post, or work on my novel

I’ll revisit this post in 12 months to see how well I’ve done.

2 thoughts on “2019 Theme & Goals

  1. Ezekiel McAdams

    I think these are all GREAT GOALS! Do you ever have prune juice? It just makes me smile because I will always think of Worf.

    Flossing is something I need to do more as well. I always fall off the bandwagon too.

    I drink provably once or twice a week. Usually Vodka or beer if I’m at a bar. Don’t know if you Alexander Keiths in the States but that’s my fav beer. Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria sounds DELICIOUS. Please make it for me sometime.

    Yay for more exercise and less sugar! I’m going keep trying to walk at least 5 k a week, even in the winter. And work out more as well.

    1. Sapphire Post author

      I don’t think I’ve ever had prune juice, but I, too, smile because of Worf everytime I think of it. :] I am not sure if prune juice provides the same benefits as eating prunes. It will certainly flush out your system, but it obviously can’t provide any actual fiber. My mom recently told me that she used to drink prune juice during long road trips with my dad, and he would always say “I don’t know how you can drink that stuff, I’d be shitting like a goose!” xD

      I’ll be happy to make you blackberry sangria! 😀

      Good luck walking and working out! We can cheer each other on. *shakes pom poms* Go Zeke Go! Walk dem KMs!

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