Wedding Day, 21MAY15

Name: Kelly

First Seen: 27JAN80 @2013 (GMT-5)

Point of Origin: Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Earth, Sol system, Milky Way

AlignmentNeutral / Neutral Good


Diet: NO Gluten, Caffeine, or MSG. YES Goat Cheese, Bacon, & Jalapenos. Omnivorous.

Profession: Administrative Assistant

Politics: Socially permissive & fiscally conservative

Favorite Software: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop

Favorite Fonts: Lint McCree, Freehand 591, Tekton Pro

Likes: Science, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Gaming, Pirate Costumes, Lightning & Thunderstorms, DromaeosauridsOctopodesDr. Doom, Staying Up Until Sunrise, Day-Sleeping

Dislikes: Country music & Modern Jazz, Romantic Comedies, IllithidsUndead, Reality TV, Bad Grammar & Incorrect Homophone Usage, Weak Handshakes, Nascar, Golf, Horror Movies

Favorite BooksRaptor RedJurassic Park, the Dragonrealm series, the Quintaglio Ascension trilogy, the Hunger Games trilogy, the Ender SagaHis Dark Materials, the Foundation series

Favorite Movies: The Jurassic Park series, the Hunger Games series, The Gamers series

Favorite ShowsJourney-QuestThe GuildStar Trek: TNGDisney’s GargoylesBatman: The Animated SeriesIron Chef AmericaDownton AbbeyUpstairs Downstairs, The Duchess of Duke Street

Favorite GamesCity of HeroesMagic: The GatheringDungeons & DragonsSecret of Mana

Music preferences: Electronic Dance Music, Dance-Pop, Bing Crosby, New-Age, Celtic Folk, Classical (esp. Baroque)