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Remove Sidebar From Blogs

Do you want to remove the sidebar from your blog posts and blog category pages? Not only that, but you then want said posts & category pages to expand to fill the full available width? Have you spent hours stumbling over one wrong answer after another? Have no fear. I finally figured out how to do this, and I want to share it with the world.* Continue reading

Ferret Food

Given that ferrets have become somewhat popular as pets, the amount of food and treats in stores that have ferrets on the front of the bag (or box) has grown as well. However, not all of these consumables are actually appropriate for ferrets. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff gets sold as “ferret food” or “ferret treats” that are totally inappropriate for our tubular cat-snakes, and can even cause major health problems! In this post, I will cover what to look for when buying kibble, treats, and other prepackaged foods for ferrets, and how to make your own healthy treats at home.

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Solar Filter

I ordered two new lenses for my camera with the hope of catching some great photos of the upcoming Solar Eclipse. But of course, you need more than just good lenses – you also need a Solar Filter. Unfortunately, such filters can be enormously expensive, costing even more than the lenses themselves. (At least, more than the lenses I bought.) And since I want to be able to take photos with TWO different sized lenses, I would have had to spend quite a bit of money to protect my camera (and eyes) with both. So instead of buying a solar filter or two, I made my own.

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Tom Kha (Coconut Soup)

Tom Kha (Coconut Soup) can often be found at Thai restaurants, and it’s delicious. The below recipe takes several that I found online into account, and puts a bit of my own spin on it. Note that all of the vegetable ingredients are optional, so you can really customize this as you see fit.

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UPDATED Ferret First Aid Kit

I finally received the last items for the Ferret First Aid kit, so I wanted to take some new photos and show everyone what we’ve got. I also split the kit into two bags: one for medical-related items, and the other for food-related items. I’m extremely glad we put these kits together and brought them with us when we travelled recently, because some of the items came in very handy!

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There’s this game called Planarity. It’s quite old, and very simple. Arrange the dots so that none of the lines connecting them overlap. According to the FAQ, “There is no last level, but if you get past 10 or so then consider yourself in select company.” Continue reading

I’m Right & You’re Wrong

I’ve noticed a pattern in online discourse lately. There are a lot of people whose argument goes like this:

I don’t care if it doesn’t go there, I’ll make it fit!

“I’m right, and you’re wrong. I’m not going to explain why I’m right or why you’re wrong, I’m not going to provide proof, or data, or anything to back up my claims. I’m not going to read the proof, the data, the studies and essays, or any of the other evidence that you’ve used to back up your claim. I disagree with you, because it goes against my gut feelings, or what I think is true, even though I can provide nothing to substantiate my claim. I will poo-pooh your evidence, and say that it is all lies and wrong, and that you are stupid for believing any of it. I will ignore any requests for clarification to understand my point of view, I will not try to help you understand why I feel this way, I will simply argue again and again how you’re wrong and stupid for not seeing things my way.” Continue reading